How to visit Transnistria? Is it safe? How to cross the line bother free? This is a tale about our roadtrip from Odessa to Tiraspol in October 2017.


Formally the Pridnestrovian Moldovian Rebublic, is a self-declared state in eastern Moldova, lining the Dniester stream and Ukraine. It is an independent regional yet considered as a component of Moldova, since it is unnoticed by any of the UN part states. This country, that pronounced autonomy back in Dec second 1992 yet doesn’t authoritatively exist, has its own administration, banner, cash, military and police.

Transnistria region has a long history under Russian domain and Soviet Union, regardless today there are part of Soviet images apparent. The moderately couple of vacationers that are visiting Transnistria, are normally anxious to see those tokens of previous times, however Transnistria isn’t simply some stale Soviet gallery.

In reality the capital city Tiraspol (the second biggest city in entire Moldova) looked like a “typical” Eastern Europe city with very enthusiastic city life. Incredibly, for instance the armada of vehicles was more current than in the adjoining nations. Economy in Transnistria is fairly blended, and pay disparity is outstanding, normal month to month compensation being somewhere near 200 $ each month.


Part of vacationers visiting Moldova or Ukraine close to the line of Transnistria are keen on visiting this weird nation, yet many actually skip it because of shocking tales about issues with line crossing. Just by researching it, you can find out about how individuals have been cross examined for a really long time, requested to offer impressive incentives, or even had their international IDs obliterated.

Finding any authority data locales about how to visit the nation appears to be close to inconceivable. What we could figure it out, was that there has been more regrettable times, while accepting hush money was more a standard than an exemption, or so it appears. Nonetheless, these days consideration has been paid to the exercises of the line watchmen, and there have been wide missions against pay off.

Our unique arrangement was to go to Ukraine from Moldova through Transnistria with our vehicle. In any case, we figured out that there are a few traditions expenses for unfamiliar vehicles and furthermore a street duty to be paid. Moreover, we read an excessive number of anecdotes about waving to vehicles for examination while driving in Transnistria. So we chose to avoid any unnecessary risk and save not many dollars by making simply a short visit utilizing public transportation. That is simple by transport either from Chisinau in Moldova or from Odessa in Ukraine, among a few other significant urban areas. Thinking of it as now, we perhaps ought to have been sufficiently intense to simply go with own wheels to check whether there really are a few issues with that still today… however ideally sharing the experience of utilizing public transportation is useful for greater piece of voyagers.

We filled our heart with joy trip from Odessa, and there was not a solitary issue at all. More awful thing was that we were fairly unsure of the dependability of the transport timetables, and along these lines lacked opportunity and willpower to visit the city of Bender or some other piece of the country, just Tiraspol.

To get to realize Transnistria better, you ought to go through no less than one night in the nation, and these days that is conceivable with no additional issue, since all guests get a 24 hours consent to remain without enrollment. Longer visit ought to be simple too, you simply have to take care that you get enrolled in the movement office in Tiraspol.


We took a 8:20 Chisinau bound morning transport from Odessa Privoz Bus Station close to the downtown area (Novoshchepnyi Riad vulytsia 5). Purchased tickets from a little stall (with sign Kacca, importance counter/ticket deal) and got coordinated to a minibus stopped in stage 9. You could purchase the tickets in advance and, surprisingly, on the web, yet to some degree toward the beginning of October everything was good to go to get a spot only 5 minutes before takeoff.

Amazingly the transport didn’t go directly towards Tiraspol, yet to one more bus stop in Odessa (Avtovoksal Odessa, Kolontaivska vulytsia 58), from where the excursion went on at 9:10. It required two or three hours to arrive at the boundary, and the street was not doing so well… not certain how our poor Tiida would have endure it in one piece.

Subsequent to perusing that large number of shocking tales from web, we were a piece anxious while showing up at the boundary. Yet, it ended up being quite simple. In Ukrainian side the line monitor got onto the transport and gathered our identifications, and few moments later carried them back with leave stamps. Our transport driver took care that those outsiders who were going through Transnistria to Moldova likewise got another stamp; passage to Moldova. Transnistrian line office doesn’t give that stamp, so if going through, take care that you will get the passage stamp too.

On Transnistrian

side of the line our international IDs were again gathered, and all gear was security checked. These days there is compelling reason need to fill in any passage structure yourself, starting from the section card is printed for you by the line authorities. We were gotten some information about our location in Transnistria, however since we were simply on a roadtrip, we didn’t give any, recently said that it’s a roadtrip. In any case, there was some location imprinted in our entrance cards, so it appears to be that it’s obligatory to have a location to get the 24 hour license to remain. To make it smooth, you could simply look at a location of some lodging in advance, and afterward record it for the boundary monitor, regardless of whether not remaining the evening. We got the identifications back rapidly (with no passage stamp), and after that you are allowed to move around in Transnistria, simply take care not to lose the section card (or your visa obviously).

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