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The Best Chicken Tinga Tacos

Literally though the easy recipe dinner, these chicken tinga tacos are the best.


  1. A) Look how pretty!!


  1. B) Imagine how good they taste because juicy chicken, smoky chipotle, creamy avocado, zippy lime, and a charred tortilla just SING together, right? I promise you, they sing.


  1. C) Do you have 20 minutes? Cool. You can make these because this is not fancy. This is just really, really delicious chicken tinga tacos.


This is one of those rare recipes that comes together so quickly and somehow still rivals a restaurant-quality meal. It is a recipe that, once you make it, you say: I will probably make these chicken tinga tacos every time I have friends over because it makes me look fancy with minimal effort. You also say: I need to memorize this recipe. You also say: How soon is too soon to make these again.


It is a miracle and a delight. A perfect taco unicorn.

One: This recipe is from my friend Melissa’s cookbook coming out TOMORROW YO called The Minimalist Kitchen (affiliate link). It is a beautiful, inspiring, and (here’s my favorite part) practical cookbook. Oh, hey, and one other thing! It’s also more than a cookbook. Melissa’s expertise isn’t just real life recipes – it’s getting your kitchen life structured in a way that removes the clutter and stress while bringing the art and the craft and the joy (!!) back to cooking.

You should definitely, absolutely get this book. I do not recommend cookbooks often, because, well, mostly we all just buy cookbooks and then get all our recipes online. I only recommend the ones I really think will be worth your while.


This is one that will be well-loved with splattered and dog-eared pages. This is one for real life. This will be worth your while.


You can click here (affiliate link) to find the book in Amazon-land.


Two: Naturally, being that this chicken tinga tacos recipe is from The Minimalist Kitchen cookbook, it is minimal.


Here’s what you do. You take the usual suspects (garlic, onion, spices, chipotles, and some unpictured crushed tomatoes) and you make a sauce out of them.

Avocado is necessary for these tacos (and/or for life?!?!), so you can either put some chunks of avocado on the tacos as Classy Melissa does in the book, or you can be like me who needs help with messy taco situations and you can just mash up your avocado on the bottom of the tortilla, like a little spread.


Pro tip: a little lime and garlic salt in your avocado mash won’t be sad. It won’t be sad at all.


Obviously, finally, you will lean hard into those toppings and generously sprinkle cilantro, red onion, and cotija over top to crown each beauty.


HELLO LOVER! That was so easy! Can you even with these. easy recipe dinner


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