Tameer Pakistan

Tameer Pakistan Journey To The Reality

In Tameer Pakistan, we provide various pick-and-choose properties to invest in within Pakistan with qualified property experts who have the necessary essential strengths as well as unparalleled local knowledge. Our core values of integrity, trustworthiness and commitment to the national mission inspire us to lead and provide the best assistance throughout the entire process.

Leading the Way to Legacy.

Tameer Pakistan is a project of The Superior Group, a National Conglomerate that was founded in the year 2000. It has expanded into media, education healthcare, IT solutions, entrepreneurship development international education, consulting services, as well as social welfare, Tameer Pakistan is expanding its wings into the realm of real estate market.


A leading property firm aiming to offer reliable, trusted and simple access to assist anyone who wants to purchase an estate that reflects the real standards of dedication to loyalty, passion and commitment.


To ease ownership for people and groups by providing reliable and trustworthy services that are designed to ensure sustainable development over the long term. With our easy installment plan that are developing, we aim to be the home platform which people can abide by.

Professional Services:

Tameer Pakistan is a multi-disciplinary property company that provides professional and comprehensive services covering the most important aspects of property that range from commercial sales as well as investing in land for residential use. We’re renowned for providing customized and reliable property solutions to investors as well as owners.

Tameer Pakistan is a property company that provides bespoke and robust solutions to owners and Tameer Pakistan, we provide various properties for investment in Pakistan by qualified property specialists with the necessary strength and exceptional local knowledge. Our core values of integrity and credibility, as well as our contribution to the nation’s vision inspire us to lead and offer the most appropriate advice throughout the entire process.

The way for Tameer Pakistan’s Legacy Tameer Pakistan is the part that is part of The Superior Group, a National Conglomerate, Founded in 2000. With its expansion into media, education health, IT solutions, entrepreneurship development worldwide education, consulting services, as well as social welfare, it’s expanding its wings into the realm of real property market.

As developers with expertise in the area of Real Estate and working as an advisor to various institutes for many years, we are planning to create housing projects to improve the lives of the community under its name Lahore Galaxy Residencia. Our goal is to fulfill the requirements of the entire nation as well as the international community with residential and associated services.


At present, automated residencies are currently only available via Tameer Pakistan. Making investments in real estate through this housing program has proven to be more lucrative in the long run, and is also a great reward. Smart Home Residencia projects also give investors and buyers the option of making changes or modifications to their property according to their own preferences and gives them more control over their investments in real estate.

The ideally situated homes and Villas are the epitomize of distinctive designs, and a secluded oasis of beauty, as well as being visually appealing! The lavish, romantic homes and villas blend in total harmony with the surrounding and are built with a classic style that will make you feel at as if you’re in your own home! The elegant walls, huge windows, dazzling interiors and wood accents give the feeling of light and airy and make it the perfect excursion for you. Each one together with a well-planned and spacious lawn enhances the beauty..

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