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Next-Gen Mazda 6 To Challenge German Rivals With New Straight-6 Rear-Drive Combination

It’s a fact that the Mazda 6 has always been one of the most stunning and accurate cars that we have seen in the U.S. With an all-new version scheduled in 2023, we can expect similar experiences. It’s not a surprise, is it. The Hiroshima-based Mazda has made plans to announce one of the most significant changes in the automotive sector for some time.

The next generation 6 will shift from a front-wheel-driven platform to turn into a rear-wheel-driven model and in doing so they will be competing against the most powerful rivals on the market. These include models like those included in the BMW 3-Series and the Mercedes Benz C-Class.

The design of the 6 is inspired by the clean and sleek lines of its predecessor. The 6 will enhance these features by taking inspiration from the stunning more pronounced Mazda Vision Coupe concept, which was unveiled in the current Tokyo Motor Show. When the four-door “coupe” was first announced, Mazda referred to it as a pure concept car to conduct studies into design . However, there was no mention of the production model. It is now clear that the concept was created in order to shape the look of the new generation Mazda 6, and other models. The next generation Mazda 6 to be heavily in the style and materials used in the Award-winning Vision Coupe.

The fabled Mazda 6 sedan moves upmarket and into the market and its massive-sized design will undergo a significant revamp that will not be limited just to the rear-drive section. The Mazda 6 will also have an rear-drive segment. Mazda 6 will also feature the biggest selection of modern powertrains available from Mazda which features its 2.0-liter engine which is powered by fuel. Its plug-in hybrid motor was designed for use in Europe as well as in America U.S., the Mazda 6 will feature an engine that is turbocharged straight-6 , as in addition to plug-in hybrids featuring four cylinders and turbodiesel. The car will come with the Skyactiv-X spark-controlled ignition systemthat features the hybrid electric technology that’s 48-volts. Another advantage is that these drives are connected to a brand new auto transmission with 8 speeds along with an additional iActiv All-Wheel Drive system.

Mazda is an automaker that is small in comparison to the prestige and status of its ongoing partnership between Toyota. In recent times, Mazda has been strengthening its partnership with Japan’s most prestigious automotive manufacturer, with initiatives like Mazda Toyota Manufacturing which produces Corolla Cross and which is the Corolla Cross made in America. U.S. as well as an ingenuous and cost-effective auto design partnership that includes Mazda, Toyota and Denso which was announced in year 2000. Although Mazda makes use of hybrid technology created by Toyota We’ve heard that Lexus could make use of the Skyactiv technology developed by Mazda in the next cars it plans to introduce.

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