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Eat, Game, Repeat! 10 Creative Game Room Decor Ideas

All you gamers out there, this one’s for you! the home decor ideas for gamers. Wouldn’t you want a space to call your own where you can game, rinse and repeat? You don’t need an entire attic or a basement to create your creative game room. An unused corner, a makeshift pool table, a wall can quickly become a gaming area. Many gaming enthusiasts take the opportunity of showcasing their love for popular books, movies and other forms of entertainment. Other game rooms are more traditional with board games, pinball machines and non-electronic games of yesteryears as part of it.  And some can be an extravagant video game room that’s fun to bits and cherished forever. Whatever your budget might be, there are ample ideas to design and decorate a gaming-inspired room. So use every chance to indulge freely in art design, fun colours, and plenty of collectables and memorabilia.

Make It A Basketball Court With This Game Room Decor

Who doesn’t love to shoot hoops? Welcome NBA into your room with a basketball hoop in your bedroom. Even if you aren’t a Micheal Jordan or Kobe Bryant fan, having a basketball hoop in the room will be a good prop to pass some free time or to vent out frustration. And if your kids have participated in tournaments and received trophies, all of them can be displayed with pride on a shelf.

How About A Game Of Ping-Pong

Not only is ping pong a fun game but can also be a strenuous workout. Entertain your guests by including a ping pong table in your home. The table designed in the image here serves as a piece of multi-functional furniture that enhances the area’s versatility. It serves as a fun table for ping-pong and can be shut when not in use and can act as a wall that separates the living and dining room.

Install A Climbing Wall

When designing a game room, you must use every nook and corner such as the wall as seen in this image here. We all have that Spiderman moment where we try to climb walls isn’t it? So why not give your kids one they are allowed to climb on? A climbing wall is a fantastic project that will have your kids busy for hours. This room has put the corners to good use with a climbing wall installed. Various pops of colours make it visually appealing too. Just make sure there are adequate safety measures – throw in some fluffy cushions and pillows on the ground so your kids might not get hurt even if they fall.

Sweat It Out

A home gymnasium can be a great addition to your space especially if you are a busy working sort. If you can’t find the time to hit the gymnasium after work but need to sweat and reduce calories – a mini gym can do wonders for you. Ideally, a home gym requires maximum space but with careful planning and installing all-in-one gym equipment this will be a room you will want to visit the most. Sounds ironical? Actually not. home decor ideas

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