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Animal Crossing: New Horizons K.K. Slider song list, music guide

Using the Nook Stop in the Resident Services tent/building, you can buy a random song with the Nook Shopping feature each day. The song will be delivered via mail the next day kk k.

While most songs can be bought through Nook Shopping, there are a few that need to be requested from K.K. himself when he performs. “Animal City,” “Drivin’”, and “Farewell” all need to be received from when he performs. “Welcome Horizons” also will not appear for sale at the Nook Stop, but once you invite K.K. to your island for the first time, you’ll get a copy. “K.K. Birthday” is given to you on your birthday.

The 12 songs added in the 2.0 update, like “K.K. Robot Synth,” need to be requested directly from K.K. if you want him to perform them on Saturdays.

K.K. will give copies of his music directly to you right after he performs on Saturdays, but if you have guests over your island at the time, he’ll mail it to you the following day.


His music can be hung up on your walls as a cool record cover or put into your record players and other music-playing devices. To do this, just press A when facing the record player. It’ll prompt you to add the song, change the volume of what’s playing now, or select a different song to play. Once you add the song to your collection, any of your music players will be able to play it. Portable Radios cannot play specific songs, they’ll just play songs at random.

To keep track of all the songs, especially if you’re trying to collect them all, here’s a list.


Agent K.K.

Aloha K.K.

Animal City

Bubblegum K.K.

Café K.K.

Comrade K.K.




Forest Life

Go K.K. Rider

Hypno K.K.

I Love You

Imperial K.K.

K.K. Adventure

K.K. Aria

K.K. Ballad

K.K. Bazaar

K.K. Birthday

K.K. Blues

K.K. Bossa

K.K. Calypso

K.K. Casbah

K.K. Chorale

K.K. Condor

K.K. Country

K.K. Cruisin’

K.K. D&B

K.K. Dirge

K.K. Disco

K.K. Dixie

K.K. Étude

K.K. Faire

K.K. Flamenco

K.K. Folk

K.K. Fusion

K.K. Groove

K.K. Gumbo

K.K. House

K.K. Island

K.K. Jazz

K.K. Jongara

K.K. Lament

K.K. Love Song

K.K. Lullaby

K.K. Mambo

K.K. Marathon

K.K. March

K.K. Mariachi

K.K. Metal

K.K. Milonga

K.K. Moody

K.K. Oasis

K.K. Parade

K.K. Ragtime

K.K. Rally

K.K. Reggae

K.K. Rock

K.K. Rockabilly

K.K. Safari

K.K. Salsa

K.K. Samba

K.K. Ska

K.K. Sonata

K.K. Song

K.K. Soul

K.K. Steppe

K.K. Stroll

K.K. Swing

K.K. Synth

K.K. Tango

K.K. Technopop

K.K. Waltz

K.K. Western

King K.K.

Lucky K.K.

Marine Song 2001

Mountain Song

Mr. K.K.

My Place


Only Me


Rockin’ K.K.

Soulful K.K.

Space K.K.

Spring Blossoms

Stale Cupcakes

Steep Hill

Surfin’ K.K.

The K. Funk

To the Edge

Two Days Ago


Welcome Horizons

K.K. Fugue (added in 2.0)

K.K. Polka (added in 2.0)

K.K. Slack-Key (added in 2.0)

K.K. Chorinho (added in 2.0)

Chillwave (added in 2.0)

K.K. Dub (added in 2.0)

K.K. Lovers (added in 2.0)

K.K. Bashment (added in 2.0)

K.K. Hop (added in 2.0)

K.K. Break (added in 2.0)

K.K. Khoomei (added in 2.0)

K.K. Robot Synth (added in 2.0)

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